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What's this all about?
Get cool images, video and audio by redeeming offers.
Take a look bellow at the active offers which consist of 4 categories - images, video, audio and customized media content.
Check them out
Click on the offers you are interested in. By default, an offer is in preview mode. Redeem it to unlock the full version.
Contribute to an offer by clicking the LIKE button. The offer you liked will be redeemed once the condition on the right of the icon is met.
Good to know
Some of the offers can be redeemed as soon as the target number of likes is achieved. By inviting your friends to like them, you can redeem such offers faster.
Active offers
Create your offer
You can also create offers and let others redeem them.
Click on the "create an offer" button
or the "plus" button to begin.
Follow the steps.
It’s easy.
Publish your offer and let the fun
Start now. It’s free!
Redeemed offers
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